Why Digitalization Is Much More Than A Buzzword

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Why Digitalization Is Much More Than A Buzzword

A new concentration on the MBA at Copenhagen Business School teaches students about digitalization. Professor Stefan Henningsson explains why the term is much more than a buzzword today.

Digitalization isn’t new. Companies have been moving towards digital transformation for years now. But when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the IT infrastructure of companies was put to the test as large swathes of the global workforce shifted to working from home.

For some Danish industries, this was a huge problem. Danish furniture design, fashion and textiles, Nordic design, and architecture total almost $12 billion in export value for Denmark. These four industries are vitally important to the Danish economy.

The nature of their business models means companies in these industries thrive during global fashion weeks, and by hosting live showrooms to capture potential new sales. A system of social distancing and restrictions on physical events signalled trouble. Digital transformation and establishing a working business model amid the coronavirus pandemic became key to their survival.

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