Sustainable fashion and technologies webinar

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Webinar: December 4th from 14:00 to 16:00

Following the COVID-19 lockdown, the fashion industry, as we know it is changing, and SMEs are taking serious steps forward to rethink supply and value chains, as well as customer journeys for a more sustainable fashion future.

But is digital the tech solution for sustainable fashion with transparent supply chains and customer journeys – or does digital offer some solutions which will make industry, designers, and customers re-think fashion and clothing in another setting altogether?

This SDG for Action webinar on sustainable fashion and technology introduced pathways for re- purposing fashion as art & design, while also engaging with technology and tech-developers creating future scenarios and virtual stages for SME engagement in fashion encounters.

We went full circle from Digital Fashion Weeks, in 2020 and in the future, over Digital Clothing and Technological Sustainability to how Immersive Narratives and Incubation Environments may accelerate SMEs. The webinar was closed with a presentation of Virtual Stage, Lifestyle & Design Cluster’s new digitalization initiative.

Kata Börönte (Aarhus University)
Digital Fashion Weeks – Who, What, and Why?

Alexandra Ilg (Aarhus University)
Digital Clothing for Sustainability – a Technofix?

Eva Lili Bartha (DigitalFashionFramework)
Digital Acceleration for SMEs and the Role of Immersive Narratives

Heidi Svane Pedersen (Lifestyle & Design Cluster)
Virtual Stage